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Why Us

Why Us

ProMasters Investigators has established a reputation within the industry for providing a degree of unmatched excellence in the quality of its work product and services. We provide private investigation services mainly to businesses, corporations and individuals who are looking to Invest or Do Business in any of the African countries, and our network of investigative associates traverses the entire African Continent.

We provide private investigative services spanning across all African Countries, 

  • We have years of investigative experience at your disposal and we only hire the Best.
  • ProMasters Investigators is one of the largest continental private investigative firms in Africa with associate investigators spanning accross all African countries. This allows us the manpower and capability to handle your case at a moment’s notice. With “mom and pop” operations, you may have to wait to have your case scheduled or have difficulty contacting your investigator.
  • You will always have immediate contact with our investigators, and we do not subcontract work out to other investigators outside of ProMasters Investigators.
  • We know Africa. Conducting investigations in any of the african countries presents its own challenges. Our investigators are locals and know the lay of the land.

  • Our initial consultation is always free.
  • Training is key. At ProMasters Investigators, our investigators go through an extensive written and hands on training program which includes staying updated on the current laws in the country they operate and they must pass annual testing to continue their employment with ProMasters Investigators.
  • Integrity and quality is everything. We are dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and honest information to all of our clients.
  • The bottom line is that you will get the best bang for your buck from ProMasters Investigators. WE GUARANTEE IT.

Regardless if you choose to hire ProMasters Investigators or another private detective, we encourage you to take your time and ask the right questions.

Any reputable firm should be able to answer these questions properly.

  • Is the investigative company completing the case or outsourcing the case to another firm? Many firms outside Africa outsource to local companies who are not qualified to fulfill your expectations.
  • If they are outsourcing your case, can you contact that company directly? Most firms will not allow this even though they say they are affiliated.
  • Will you have direct contact with the investigator throughout the case or will you be receiving second hand information from a case manager or administrative personnel?
  • Can you meet with the investigator face to face in their office? Many will make excuses as they work out of their home or have unorganized offices.
  • When hiring a PI firm, are you speaking to a trained salesperson that may be more interested in taking advantage of you in your time of need? Make sure you are getting good guidance, not just advice to boost the sale.
  • Are they licensed, insured and bonded to conduct investigations in the country in which the investigation will take place?
  • What type of training do their investigators receive? Many are ex-military, retired policemen and various other law enforcement agencies that are not qualified in professional investigation.

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