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Fraud Investigation

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Fraud Investigation

Investing in Africa?or Doing Business in Africa? More and more businesses are finding themselves victims of fraud with those who they intend to do business with in African countries.

Business Fraud is on the rise in almost all african countries specifically targeting overseas investors. If you suspect a person or a company in Africa with whom you would like to do business with, it’s time to find out the truth.

We provide a wide range of investigation services and are skilled in obtaining documented evidence.

Our Investigators have a wide and varied experience in conducting investigations into fraud including Import/Exports fraud related cases, obtaining payments / moneys on false pretense. If you need our help please do call us today on +254 724 242 742 / +254 735 111 171 or alternatively click here to contact us via e-mail.

Action through Knowledge

Private Investigators at ProMasters Investigators are skilled in finding your financial investment

  • From Fraudsters posing as Exporters or Various commodiers
  • From past business partners or associates

The systems and procedures utilized by our trained private investigators are the envy of other investigative firms who attempt to emulate the methods and successes enjoyed at ProMasters Investigators. Our investigators will find what legally belongs to you and return it.

By Whatever Legal Means Necessary

Financial investment  fraudulently obtained by others has a way of disappearing fast. Speed is essential for successful recovery before the money is squandered. For example:

  • Payments / Moneys obtained in false pretense towards Exporting a Product or Commodity.
  • Payments / Moneys obtained in false pretense towards Purchasing Precious Stones & Minerals

Find the Answers You Need

Anywhere in the World – We provide complete and thorough investigations. Call us at +254 724 242 742 / +254 735 111 171 or contact us online. Call today for a free consultation.

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