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The Firm

The Firm

Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, ProMasters Investigators is a premier private investigation firm with operations in the entire Continental Africa as well as Middle East. We provide private investigative services mainly to overseas businesses, corporations and individuals who are looking to Invest or Do Business in Africa or MIddle East, and our network of investigative associates traverses the entire African Continent as well as Middle East Regions.

Business Fraud is on the rise in Africa & Middle East specifically targeting overseas businesses and persons looking to do business in these Regions. ProMasters Investigators was formed to protect overseas investors from being defrauded.

Our Services include:

ProMasters Investigators is known as the premier continental investigative firm in Africa. With a continental wide database system, a network of competent, experienced investigative associates in nearly all African countries, We are best suited to handle any case leaving no stone unturned.

We know Africa. Conducting investigations in any of these countries presents its own challenges. Our investigators are locals and know the lay of the land. 

Integrity and quality is everything. We are dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and honest information to all of our clients. The bottom line is that you will get the best bang for your buck from ProMasters Investigators.

Delivering the results you need

When you partner with ProMasters Investigators, no undertaking is too complex, and no detail too small to merit consideration. Over the years, we’ve been instrumental in lending a discreet and accurate investigative approach that translates into conclusive results, which are vital to meeting the expectations of our clients.

  • Accurate, Timely Reports
  • First-Rate Technology

  • Individual Service
  • Results-Oriented Approach

You can trust ProMasters Investigators to provide your individual case with confidentiality, thoroughness, efficiency, and integrity.

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